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Bodybag Leather

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Bodybag Leather
standard leather bodybag version in 2 layers of best  geniue leather, 7 belts, 2 way zipper, inner sleeves, made by  mesurement
feel free to ask for possible upgrades.
We´ll need around 4 weeks for delivering.
Prizes from  € 923,-

We do our leather bodybags in high quality leather from Germany - in about 1.6-1.8 mm each layer
Shown Modell is our Leather bodybag Luxus
Feel free to ask about Extras!
For an order we need following mesures from you::
total high, around neck, around Chest, Belly, hips  (with/and also around arms), around both upper legs, around both knees,  around both lower legs, around both ankles, around upper arm, lenght of  feet
Upgrades forBodybag Leder
Preis in €
Feel free to ask for Extras

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