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Welcome at NO ESCAPE!!!

Der Friends and Customers,

actually all are just talking and thinking about the CoVid-19 Pandemy. All over the world it is scaring people and causes problems - and for sure will do also next time.
But we at No Escape!!! will not stop and we will go on working, doing kinky and nice items and be open for you. We just have installed a few special rules and have done some security things.
So we have cleaned all our rooms. We have installed special high hygenic rules for ourselfs.
All Materials that arrive will be desinfected and seperated for 2 days before we use them. And all items will be also again desinfected and seperated for 2 days before shipping them. We do it to get sure that there can´t be any infection due the items.
Using Security breath masks and gloves is also one of the rules for it. And we pack all items as good as possible to give a higher leven of secutity.
This may cause a longer period for getting your items - but surely it is a low prize for asuring best we can offer.
Actually we are not allowed to be visited - and this is protection for you and ourselfes. We hope it will be better soon and then visitors are surely welcome again. But your orders may be placed also by mail or phone and we still do our best to keep your desires and dreams fullfilled!!
As long as possible we will still be happy to do special items, kinky items and fullfilling your orders. Stay well and Kinky!!!

No Escape!!!

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